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REACT Supports SOS Emergency Strategy
July 7, 2006 - REACT News Desk (Suitland, MD) - REACT International has linked with Midland Radio, D-CERN and NationalSOS to encourage grassroots neighborhood radio safety networks using inexpensive FRS radios. More

Winter Board Meeting
REACT News Desk (Suitland, MD) - REACT Winter Board meeting was held March 2nd and 3rd. Dick Cooper was reappointed as President, as were all the other officers. Larry Fry was reelected as Board Chairman and Bob Kaster was reelected as Vice Chair. Minutes from this board meeting and previous board meetings (thru 2003) are now available online in the epubs section of this web site. More

Clock Is Running On Convention Early-Bird Registration
March 19, 2005 - CrestCom REACT New Desk (Corona-West, CA) - REACT members planning on attending Convention 2005 are urged to complete their applications and submit it soon before the 'early-bird' discount period expires. More

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Recent Events

Dallas County REACT Runs Special Event Station
June 6, 2003 - REACT International News Desk (Suitland, MD) -- W1AW/5 Special Event Station by Dallas County REACT was conducted during ARRL's National Convention at Ham-Com in Arlington, Texas. The Texas State REACT Council had a booth in the commercial section to promote REACT during this event. More
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Talking About Disaster
September 7, 2004 -- REACT International News Desk (Suitland, MD) - Guide for Standard Messages is available from the web site of the National Disaster Education Coalition. Visit to review the Guide and to download it. More
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